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Reviews of Samsung NC110 ont rassemblé 25 examens experts du Samsung NC110 et l'estimation moyenne est 73%. Faites descendre l'écran et voyez les toutes les revues pour Samsung NC110.
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Les éditeurs ont aimé

  • Autonomie correcte
  • 5h10 en lecture vidéo
  • Touchpad et clavier agréables à utiliser
  • Audio
  • Dalle mate
  • Silencieux

Les éditeurs n'ont pas aimé

  • Dalle très faiblement contrastée (160
  • 1) aux couleurs fausses
  • Flèches directionnelles trop petites
  • Capacités dans les jeux très limitées

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  Publié: 2011-05-06, review by:

  • Autonomie correcte: 5h10 en lecture vidéo, Touchpad et clavier agréables à utiliser, Audio, Dalle mate, Silencieux
  • Dalle très faiblement contrastée (160:1) aux couleurs fausses, Flèches directionnelles trop petites, Capacités dans les jeux très limitées
  • Si le NC110 ne fait pas mieux que les autres, il fait au moins aussi bien. Avec une autonomie plus importante, il aurait pu se démarquer de la masse des 10 pouces. En l'état, il reste un netbook que l'on peut choisir sans peur de se tromper. ...

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  Publié: 2012-04-13, Auteur: Cormac , review by:

  • Attractive, Well Built, Low Cost, Amazing Battery Life
  • Becoming Obselete
  • The Samsung NC110 is a lovely looking netbook, that's the perfect spiritual successor to the original portable computers. It's cheap, it's light and it also has great battery life....

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  Publié: 2012-02-09, review by:

  • Thin and light; reasonably powerful; good battery life; comfortable keyboard for typing,
  • No USB 3 sockets for fast data transfer; slightly odd keyboard layout,
  • If you need more than a tablet computer - for less money - the Samsung NC110 is a great choice. ...

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  Publié: 2011-09-14, review by:

  • Small and lightweight, the Samsung is a great travelling companion if your demands aren’t great. But should you need something that is both portable and that you can work on, you should look elsewhere. Also, the styling might not be to everyone’s taste...

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  Publié: 2011-07-18, review by:

  • A well-built netbook with a great keyboard, but it suffers from the usual netbook problems: limited power and a low-resolution screen ...

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  Publié: 2011-06-27, review by:

  • It’s easy to see the NC110 as indicative of the netbook’s path over the next few years. The amount of power on tap has slowly increased, the price has gently declined, but neither is really moving fast enough, to say nothing of the dire lack of innova...

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  Publié: 2011-06-23, review by:

  • Fairly cheap; dual-core processor; good keyboard and screen; impressive battery life
  • HDMI port
  • The Samsung NC110 is a great budget netbook, offering a classy design, excellent keyboard and a dual-core chip that ensures good performance when it comes to day-to-day tasks....

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  Publié: 2011-06-21, review by:

  • Low price tag, Huge battery life, Excellent build quality, Slim and light, Good looking
  • Basic performance, Bloated with useless software, Limited screen adjustability, No HDMI input, Slightly grainy screen
  • Samsung beats many more expensive competitors with this well-built, attractive but cheap netbook...

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  Publié: 2011-06-13, review by:

  • Extrait:  Often for the person who just does Word Processing, works the family accounts using a Spreadsheet, sends and receives Email, and of course browses the Internet a Netboot is all one will need. One to consider might be this Samsung offering....

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  Publié: 2011-05-20, review by:

  • Decent battery life 5h10 video playback, Touchpad and keyboard nice to use, Decent audio for a netbook, Matte panel, Quiet
  • Panel with very low contrast and inaccurate colours, Arrow keys too small, Very limited gaming capacity
  • Although the Samsung NC110 doesn't do any better than the rest, it does at least as well. With higher battery life, it could have stood out from the crowd a bit more but, as things stand, it's still a netbook you can buy without worrying about making a...

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