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Reviews of SanDisk Sansa E260 ont rassemblé 25 examens experts du SanDisk Sansa E260 et l'estimation moyenne est 84%. Faites descendre l'écran et voyez les toutes les revues pour SanDisk Sansa E260.
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Les éditeurs ont aimé

  • Qualité audio
  • Finition correcte
  • Interface utilisateur et navigation

Les éditeurs n'ont pas aimé

  • Casque livré lamentable
  • Cordon de liaison au format propriétaire
  • Pas de Tuner FM



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  Publié: 2006-12-07, review by:

  • Qualité audio, Finition correcte, Interface utilisateur et navigation
  • Casque livré lamentable, Cordon de liaison au format propriétaire, Pas de Tuner FM
  • Le Sansa e260 est un très bon petit baladeur qui présente de nombreuses qualités, comme son interface et son ergonomie très réussies. Il souffre de quelques défauts fonctionnels pas rédhibitoires, mais qu'il convient...

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  Publié: 2006-11-21, review by:

  • Easy to use. Attractive design. Excellent features.
  • Bigger than a Nano.
  • Enough muscle to slap the smug yet elegant smile right off iPod’s face, making it a real contender in the MP3 market. ...

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  Publié: 2006-09-01, review by:

  • Extrait:  Though it looks like an iPod Nano, Sandisks Sansa e260 costs less than Apples 4GB equivalent. Unlike the Nano, it can play back video files on its colour screen; its software makes it easy to convert and transfer them. The e260 isnt as easy to us...

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  Publié: 2006-08-01, review by:

  • Extrait:  Looking very similar to an iPod nano, the Sansa has a shiny black finish, 1.8in colour screen, 2GB, 4GB or 6GB of flash memory and near-Apple-identical menu navigation. Size is also similar at 43 x 88 x 13mm. Unlike an iPod, however, it supports all...

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  Publié: 2006-07-21, review by:

  • The Sansa e260 is a good-looking device that promises much and delivers slightly less, with fiddly controls and a slightly confusing interface. This is by no means a disaster, however, and the price and battery life are appealing. David Price ...

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  Publié: 2006-07-01, review by:

  • This Sandisk MP3 player has been designed for PC owners who want the form factor of an Apple nano but would prefer not to get locked into iTunes. It works happily with Windows Media Player or can be used without, as long as your music is stored in MP3 ...

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  Publié: 2006-06-12, review by:

  • Value, capacity, build quality, battery life, not an iPod
  • Fiddly navigation wheel, not an iPod
  • A low cost yet high specced MP3 player from memory card manufacturers SanDisk. Who’d have thunked it?

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  Publié: 2006-03-14, review by:

  • Copious features -- subscription compatibility, FM tuner/recorder, voice recording, photo and video playback; compact, attractive and durable chassis; tactile navigation wheel; well-designed software interface; user-removable battery; microSD slot; decent...
  • Buttons surrounding scrollwheel can be difficult to press; mechanical scrollwheel can tire out some thumbs; photos and video must go through conversion with bundled software; expansion slot can be used with music only, not photos or other media or data; r...
  • The SanDisk Sansa e200 series offers a boatload of features for a reasonable price, in a package that is much more attractive than past SanDisk models. For those looking for a high-capacity, compact, skip-free MP3/WMA player, start with the e200 serie...

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  Publié: 2007-05-30, review by:

  • 20-hr battery life; FM radio; built-in mic; expandable memory; solid construction; affordable price.
  • Lackluster DRM software; not as sleek as an iPod Nano.
  • A worthy contender for your dollar. Consider the SanDisk e200 line if youre in the market for a Nano, but are willing to sacrifice a bit of cool-factor for a whole lot of extra features!

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  Publié: 2007-01-30, review by:

  • How does the Sansa e260 (and its siblings in the e200 range) fare in the Value-for-Money stakes? Very well, I would say. There’s isn’t a lot we didn’t like. Sure, a faster start-up time might be one of them, but even that is relative. Th...

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