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  Publié: 2006-10-12, review by:

  • Easy to use, Small and light weight, Well packed, Easy software, Can accept calls
  • No case included
  • This is not a product that has been long on the market and there are not that many to compare to so its hard to conclude this review. I can say though that I have a very positive opinion of this product as it suprised me with how well it works. Its ex...

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  Publié: 2006-09-11, review by:

  • retail package (PDF manual is very good) and software supportEasy tracking via Google Earth, The
  • Doesnt support any automatic power on/off mode, Somewhat big dimensions, Cannot be charged via USB interface, Doesnt support GPRS fuction (TR102 model), Cannot be used as a dedicated GPS device with PC/PDA
  • Globalsats TR-101 is an interesting device, combining GPS and GSM functionality. The included SiRF III chipset promises very good GPS performance. The used GSM module allows use of all available networks, so the device will work worldwide. Someone ma...

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