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Reviews of Samsung GT-B2100 Solid Extreme / Xplorer ont rassemblé 46 examens experts du Samsung GT-B2100 Solid Extreme / Xplorer et l'estimation moyenne est 67%. Faites descendre l'écran et voyez les toutes les revues pour Samsung GT-B2100 Solid Extreme / Xplorer.
46 Avis
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67 0 100 46

Les éditeurs ont aimé

  • Ultrarobustesse/ Etanchéité
  • Autonomie record
  • Prise en mains/simplicité de navigation/ergonomie
  • Prix (aux alentours de 100 €)
  • Fonctionnalités spécifiques aux situations d’urgences (messages SOS
  • Traçage du mobile
  • ...)
  • Résistant aux chocs
  • étanche
  • Lampe torche
  • Batterie longue durée.
  • Solidité
  • Autonomie
  • Autonomie.

Les éditeurs n'ont pas aimé

  • Qualité sonore lors de lecture de fichiers audio
  • Qualité de l’écran
  • Prise d’écoute/recharge propriétaire
  • Mémoire interne très faible
  • Caractéristiques très basiques
  • Interface utilisateur un peu datée
  • écran médiocre
  • Difficulté d'appuyer sur les touches en gomme
  • Absence de 3G.
  • Écran
  • Appareil photo
  • Appareil photo.

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  Publié: 2009-09-18, review by:

  • If you’re after a mobile for high-end functionality, the Samsung Solid Extreme won’t be for you. It has a limited feature set, and lacks the multimedia firepower and gadgetry of typical mid-tier 3G mobiles. It’s not exactly going to swin...

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  Publié: 2009-08-28, review by:

  • Waterproofing, Tough build quality, Decent music player, MicroSD card support, Excellent call quality
  • No 3G, Low quality 1.3-megapixel camera, Basic Wap browser, Rubbery keypad, No USB cable or memory card supplied
  • If youre after a tough-living phone that can withstand bad weather and ill-treatment – including a bit of underwater dunking – the Samsung Solid Extreme B2100 could be a mobile thats well worth looking at.While Samsung has made durable handset...

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  Publié: 2009-08-19, review by:

  • If you want a phone as tough as Wolverine's nails (and believe you me, they're tough) then the Samsung Solid Extreme is up to the task. It's ruggedised outer casing protects it from knocks and scrapes and leaves it feeling indestructible. You...
  • Unfortunately, while the Samsung Solid's tough as Chuck Norris' old boots it's about as smart as David Beckham. The handset is light on features for a start. There’s no 3G, no Wi-Fi, no GPS. There’s no fully fledged Web browser, th...
  • As rugged phones this one is pretty tough. Put it in a ring with the Land Rover phone, however, and it may come out with a tyre tread over its fascia!Samsung Solid Extreme Review is tagged with Samsung Solid Extreme, mobile and handset. Select a tag (S...

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  Publié: 2009-08-18, review by:

  • The Samsung B2100 Xplorer is a straightforward and highly reliable mobile phone with neat looks. The buttons are clear and the menu is fast and intuitive. Besides the shockproof and waterproof housing, it allows for expanding the memory, connecting ...

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  Publié: 2009-08-14, Auteur: Sandra , review by:

  • Extrait:  Samsung has a bit of a history of making toughened handsets for the rough and tumble of outdoor life. The latest incarnation, the Solid Extreme B2100, follows in the footsteps of the original Samsung Solid M110 , and the B2700 Bound . The Solid Extreme l...

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  Publié: 2009-08-04, review by:

  • Bash-resistant; waterproof; built-in torch; long battery life
  • Very basic features; dated user interface; poor screen; rubber keys are hard to press; no 3G
  • If you tend to break phones by dropping them, or like to chat underwater, the rugged Samsung B2100 Solid Extreme can help. But, except for its built-in torch, this inexpensive phone skimps on features ...

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  Publié: 2009-07-16, review by:

  • Great waterproof and shockproof credentials. Neat styling. Noise-cancelling microphone
  • Low-res camera. Disappointing display
  • Low-resolution screen aside, this is a decent-looking rugged phone that’s as tough as old boots ...

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  Publié: 2009-06-10, review by:

  • Can withstand water, dust and an asskicking
  • Camera isnt up to much

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  Publié: 2011-05-18, review by:

  • The Samsung Xplorer B2100 is a very well made and very cheap phone. Everything performs relatively well, with the exception of the muffled sound quality, which gets worse if dunked in water.The good points include a strong battery life, powerful...

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  Publié: 2011-04-27, Auteur: Jessica , review by:

  • The National Geographic Xplorer has a stylish, rugged body, a flashlight, an FM radio, and two phone numbers
  • The Xplorer's call quality could be better, and it has a proprietary charger and a shared charging and headset port. Data is pricey and the cost of placing calls can quickly add up
  • Globe-trotters seeking a ready-made travel solution will appreciate the Xplorer's convenient Talk Abroad SIM. However, mounting expenses for a basic rugged handset will turn away existing GSM phone owners.

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