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  Publié: 2007-03-13, review by:

  • design, single toggle, lightweight, price
  • microphone catches wind noise
  • The Plantronics Explorer 320 Bluetooth Headset is a low-priced product that has both great ergonomics and a sleek look. The single toggle button controls all functions, and once you have learned the necessary steps its operation is fairly straightforw...

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  Publié: 2006-01-30, review by:

  • Extrait:  I recently upgraded my cell phone to a phone that included bluetooth. For me, bluetooth is an important feature as when Im working at my real job (farming) I dont want a wire to get tangled up in machinery. Much like a cape to a superhero (think In...

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  Publié: 2005-10-04, review by:

  • Extrait:  DESIGN/COMFORT A soft, swiveling, rubber ear loop fits firmly, but comfortably. We like that Plantronics opted for a charging adapter with a stubby power connector to prevent accidental break-away. A single jog lever serves as Volume control and Multif...

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  Publié: 2005-09-29, review by:

  • Extrait:  With three new Bluetooth headset announcements, Plantronics has been on a roll lately. We liked the Discovery 640 so much that we gave it our Editors Choice award, and we generally approved of the Voyager 510SL as well. So when we first picked up the ...

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  Publié: 2005-12-01, review by:

  • Extrait:  On the front of the Plantronics Explorer 320 box are three words in bold black writing -Easy to Use". Heres the good news - the Explorer 320 is by far the simplest Bluetooth headset weve ever tested. The bad news is that it isnt that comfortable to...

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