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  Publié: 2007-10-31, review by:

  • Crammed with innovative features, New modes are welcome additions, Seeing the Hawkman return to form
  • Slowly unlocking features, Some graphical rough patches, Might be daunting for newbies

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  Publié: 2007-11-25, review by:

  • The PS2’s days are numbered, and for those gamers who still haven’t made the leap to the current generation of consoles, there is not going to be much to choose from this holiday season. Thankfully, Proving Ground offers hours of solid gamepla...

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  Publié: 2007-10-23, review by:

  • Extrait:  When the first Tony Hawks Pro Skater hit the PlayStation back in 1999, it redefined what an extreme sports game could be. Its control scheme set the industry standard for years to come, and its goal-based progression has been the basis for most simila...

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  Publié: 2007-10-23, review by:

  • Decent visuals.
  • Most of the goals feel too plain, Not enough things to do, Wii controls feel very ramshackle.
  • This version of Proving Ground makes it pretty clear that the priority for the Tony Hawk series is not on this platform. ...

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  Publié: 2007-10-19, Auteur: Steve , review by:

  • Path-based story mode is a nice twist; Nail-the-Grab and Agro Kick are good additions; knocking down people is just fun.
  • Overall game is the same as weve seen forever; lack of things to do other than the Story mode; ho-hum graphics.
  • If its autumn, it must be Tony Hawk season. Yup, its time for the leaves to fall and the skaters to bail. Tonys latest game -- his ninth -- once again puts you in the role of a young skater trying to make a name for himself in the extreme sports wor...

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