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  Publié: 2009-07-15, review by:

  • The overall design is a good compromise of having enough buttons to carry out most adjustments without resorting to the menu system, without overdoing things, while the menu system itself is pleasantly intuitive.Building on its rich computing heritage,...

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  Publié: 2006-09-20, review by:

  • Adaptive Lighting, in-camera red-eye reduction and panorama previews. 32MB in-built memory.
  • 2in LCD wont knock your socks off.
  • Shots are rich and colourful with the HP PhotoSmart R817, and the adaptive lighting works like a dream ...

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  Publié: 2006-05-01, review by:

  • Excellent fetaures, Good build quality, Accurate contrast and colour rendition
  • Some noise at higher sensitivities, Layout can cause problems
  • HP seldom builds flimsy kit and the Photosmart R817 lives up to expectations, with a sturdy metal case and a complete lack of protruding knobs and buttons that would risk getting knocked off. The overall design is a good compromise of having enough but...

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  Publié: 2006-01-01, review by:

  • Extrait:  The low price and decent image quality make the R817 a reasonable choice Its clear from the aggressive pricing that HP is serious about taking on Canon for supremacy of the compact digital market. And, at £34 cheaper than the IXUS 55 (see above), the...

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  Publié: 2005-12-01, review by:

  • Extrait:  The Photosmart R817 is the first HP camera to look and feel like photography equipment rather than a computer gadget. The smooth moulded matt finish and textured black band oozes class and makes the R817 very comfortable to use. This impression is r...

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  Publié: 2005-11-30, review by:

  • 5x optical zoom; context-sensitive advice; Adaptive Lighting feature; manual exposure modes; post-capture red-eye removal; compatible with HPs Instant Share system
  • Excessive visual noise in some photos; flimsy lens cover; long recharge time for battery; no optical viewfinder
  • The compact HP Photosmart R817 combines some unusual photo-enhancement technologies with a strong feature set for both novices and experienced photographers ...

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  Publié: 2005-11-01, review by:

  • With an excellent combination of features and exceptional ease of use, this would make a great camera for those looking to partake in a bit of casual digital photography. If youre prepared to spend a bit more you could find a model capable of slightly...

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  Publié: 2005-07-13, review by:

  • Extrait:  If you are new to digital photography its certainly worth a look as the consumer angle is very refreshing

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  Publié: 2010-01-01, review by:

  • Extrait:  hy does a camera have to be thin? It doesn't, but if you like the idea of having a real camera in your pocket instead of just a phone that takes fuzzy snapshots, size becomes an issue and it's certainly more comfortable to carry something small, light and slender instead of a little brick...

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  Publié: 2006-12-31, review by:

  • Extrait:  The HP Photosmart R817 is one of the smallest 5X optical zoom cameras with full-manual controls. That alone makes this camera impressive. The R817 is also well built and has a well thought-out interface. It performs well for a compact camera, with sha...

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